Magnari FTE MA-3212 UHF/ VHF

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FTE magnari fyrir UHF og VHF ,tveir inngangar og hægt að stilla styrk og halla bandi.
Their main feature is the possibility to be configurated when install, as two inputs (UHF/VHF) amplifier or like line amplifiers. With optimal design present small amplification ripples and very low noise figure. F connectors are the used ones at the input and output.They have two inputs: UHF and VHF. Between both inputs there is the configuration switch, that lets use the wide band amplifier as a line amplifier.They also have a faston to feed a mast preamplifier through an injector.

Code 0300100
Inputs 2
Input bands VHF: 47-300 MHz UHF: 470-862 MHz
Gain VHF / UHF (dB) 30 / 32
Amplification VHF / UHF joined
Regulation margin VHF / UHF (dB) 20 / 20
Impedance Input / Output (Ω) 75
Noise figure (dB) 5
Output level (dBuV) DIN 45004 B 112
Test output (dB) -20
Preamplifiers power supply 15 VDC / 100 mA
Main power supply 85 - 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Consumption (W) 3
Dimensions (mm) 182 x 140 x 60
Weight (grs.) 450
Packing quantity 1