Tengill TV AO-15-U

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FTE gegnumgangstengill 5-2400MHz 15dB vandaður tengill sem passar í allt loftnetsefni.
These outlets are used in distribution of signals up to 2400 MHz.With the four available values it can be made a cascade with well equalized signal values. All models have two connectors , and their main feature is that in both of them is the same signal (5-2400 MHz), so any of them can be used for satellite or terrestrial independently. Furthermore they have frequency range for return line.

Code 0500015-U
Freq. range (MHz) IN-OUT 5-2400 IN-TV 5-2400 IN-R 5-2400
Distribution pass (dB) 5-300 final 300-862 final 950-2150 final
Tap atten. IN-TV (dB) 5-300 3,6 300-862 3,7 950-2150 6,2
Tap atten. IN-R (dB) 5-300 4,5 300-862 3,7 950-2150 6,6
Decoupling atten.OUT-TV (dB) 5-300 final 300-862 final 950-2150 final
Decoupling atten. OUT-R (dB) 5-300 final 300-862 final 950-2150 final
Current pass R
Installation type final cascade
Packing quantity 10