Mastursmagnari LG-222

Verð. 7.868,- ISK

Magn stk. :
Kaupa vöru
FTE mastursmagnari með inngang fyrir FM og UHF 22dB mögnun.
This mast amplifiers family are characterized for having a reduced gain (22 dB) in all bands and a feeding voltage range among 12 and 24 VDC to compatibilize the installations with the LNCs feeding. Using a tunner type metallic box, with an high screening factor, and the new plastic covering is obtained a conjunct with an elevated mechanical and electromagnetical protection.

Code 9000322
Input bands 1 FM (87-108 MHz)
Input bands 1 UHF (470-862 MHz)
Gain (dB) 22
Regulation (dB) FM: 15 / UHF: 10
Output Level (dBuV) 102
Feed (VDC) 12-24
Consumption (mA) 65